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Hang on large folder compares on large machine

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  • Hang on large folder compares on large machine

    Beyond Compare v3.3.5 (Built 15075) pretty consistently hangs under the following circumstances:

    Folder compare of 2.53TB of data (4,978,828 Files; 258,918 Folders).
    This is a Windows 2008 R2 Server with 512GB of memory (yes, a half TB of physical memory) and 2 CPUs with 10 physical CPU cores each (hyperthreaded, so presented as 20 cores). Yes, this is a beast of a machine.

    The LEFT panel is a Western Digital 3TB drive and the RIGHT panel is a large 24TB QNAP drive mounted via iSCSI. The app will sometimes hang about 4 minutes after simply specifying the directories for the left and right panels. A previous UPDATE RIGHT was able to copy some data but now that there is data, further UPDATE RIGHT operations hang. Note that I am NOT actually trying to compare the folder contents. Rather, I simply want to copy what I have on the portable drive to the QNAP drive.

    Beyond Compare hangs during the analysis phase, resulting in the application Not Responding. It has to be killed via Task Manager. The application doesn't give any errors. It just simply stops and gets the glazed over white effect that Windows gives it for not responding. Any thoughts?

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    That is quite the machine, and is far more powerful than our own test rigs. While the hardware of the machine will definitely allow for a larger comparison, at some point you are going to hit the upper limits of what BC3 can handle.

    Our currently tested limits are here:

    Loading two sides in the Folder Compare automatically loads the structure of files into memory, even if you are not performing a content comparison. By default, we still compare timestamp and size, but even if this was disabled ~5 million files is currently double are largest test case.

    If you can, I would suggest cutting this task into 2 or 3 subparts to see if that has an impact on the behavior. If there are handy subfolders, please try setting a pair of them as the base folders and see if it is the total size of this comparison that is the cause, or if for some reason the hang still occurs with a smaller test case. You could also try using a set of File Name filters to try and limit the files acted upon, such as only interacting with half the folders:
    Aaron P Scooter Software