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Suggestion: [Suppress Filters] status can be saved in a session

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  • Suggestion: [Suppress Filters] status can be saved in a session

    When [Suppress Filters] is enabled, I hope such a view can be saved in a session. So when I open this session, I can see and notice the protected folders/files, without changing the default setting [Exclude protected operating system files].

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    Suppress Filters suppresses more than just the protected operating system files. It suppresses all filters, including Display Filters. I would not recommend it for day to day use unless you are careful. When suppressed, files that would normally be filtered out will be acted upon by commands like Sync and Copy/Delete if they are selected or are in subfolders that are selected. We recommend setting up your filters per session to Show the items you want or Exclude the items you do not; if this is for a specific session why not disable the Exclude Protected Operating System files for this session?
    Aaron P Scooter Software