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how to filter based on folder name?

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  • how to filter based on folder name?

    I am comparing two directory structures and I would like to see only folders that in their name contain the word "Athena", to copy their content from right to left.
    How can I do this?

    At the top level, imagine that on the right side there is a folder called "test".
    If in the filters I choose to include folders with "Athena" or with "*Athena*" I do not see anything.
    So, imagine that the structure is the following, on the right side.
    1) test
    2) foobar
    3) Athena
    4) moretest

    I would like to be able to see the structure, from test to Athena, or even better to moretest, to copy ALL their content.

    Is it possible?

    Thank You and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Could you send a full screen screenshot of your folder structure? This might help clarify which folders you wish to filter to Include.

    A filter for "*Athena*\" in the toolbar, or "*Athena*" in the Session Settings, Name Filters, Folder Include section, should show the Athena folder.

    When you say "I do not see anything", do the items show up if you enable Suppress Filters? That would mean at least one filter is currently hiding your items.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank You very much for the help.
      I will try to do what You say and send You more information, but when I can access the folder (right now I am at a different place), so please keep this issue open.

      Thank You very much again and regards

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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        If you would like, you can also email us at

        -a pair of snapshot files (left and right side of your Folder Compare) from the Tools menu -> Save Snapshot.
        -a screenshot showing your full screen view
        -your from the Help menu -> Support dialog; Export
        -a link back to this forum post

        With this info, we should be able to recreate your folder compare and filter settings and see what is going on.
        Aaron P Scooter Software