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Using BC3 installed on USB Flash Drive

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  • Using BC3 installed on USB Flash Drive

    I have installed BC3 on C: and I have also installed in on a USB Flash Drive. Per the installation instructions I selected install as a portable version since the only other options available was to install on C: which was already done. Having achieved this "portable" installation, I have found that when running it that there is no Windows Explorer Context (right click) menu available (i.e. use as left folder for compare).

    Looking into BC3 Tools>Options I note that the on startup choice is not available to make BC3 available as a choice in Windows Explorer. Instead it says Explorer Integration requires installation of Beyond Compare for all users or for current user. However there appears to be no way to achieve this either by initial installation (see above) or I have tried to export settings from the C: installation and importing them to the Flash Drive installation.

    I can add that I've used the Flash Drive on the same PC with the C: installation and not had any success with the Explorer Context Menu. I have not tried using the Flash Drive installation on another PC or laptop but I'd bet that the Windows Explorer Context Menu will not show BC3 available.

    I get why Explorer is stumped since there are no registry changes made in the portable installation, unlike in the C: installation.

    I've browsed the Scooter Forum and Googled this problem without any success. Obviously I can start the portable BC3 and get the compare folders results I want manually but it is very handy to do a compare "on the fly".

    Comments? Ideas? Work-arounds? Thanks All

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    A portable install cannot use the Windows Content menu, since by definition the portable install needs to be self contained within the single folder. Any context menu support would require making changes to the system, registry, etc outside of this one location, and wouldn't be a self-contained install.

    One tip that might help: you can drag and drop files from Explorer into BC3. This could include selecting two files, and drag-dropping them onto the portable BCompare.exe to launch a compare. You can also drag and drop into the empty panes of a Compare Session to quickly select specific folders or files on a specific side; you rarely need to use the Load/Browse buttons if you already have Explorer up and pointing to what you want to compare.

    Your regular C:\ installation should have the Context menu options, since it is a normal install and allows us to alter the registry, etc. That is working as expected, correct?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron, thanks for the drag/drop suggestion. That is helpful. Yes, the regular C: installation does enable the Explorer Context menu options as expected. Thanks for checking that.