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[feature request] Mark folder as unimportant

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  • [feature request] Mark folder as unimportant

    I often end up marking cache folder as being completely ignored. This hides them completely but some other folder I may want to still see them just consider them not so important.

    This is not a must, but BC could have along with the ignore list a list of not important files/folders.

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    If you have a filter excluding any items from the comparison that you do not want compared, you can toggle Suppress Filters to temporarily show these items in a teal color. While visible, the items can be acted upon, so it is recommend to toggle the suppression off before acting on the comparison.

    You can also select specific files and Ignore them to temporarily mark them as equal. This state is not saved, however, and a Full Refresh or reopening the session will re-add them to the comparison.

    Saving the Ignored state is on our wishlist, but for now you would need to use File Name Filters to save it as part of the session.
    Aaron P Scooter Software