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Report summary headers in different languages

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  • Report summary headers in different languages


    in my usage scenario, Beyond Compare is called from a different program to generate a comparison report. The report will be read in by the program to do its further work.

    Any computer used has Beyond Compare 3 installed; however, it may be installed in different language versions (currently German or English).

    Now to parse the comparison results (summary style), I need to identify the parts with left singles, right singles and so on.
    Unfortunately, the headings of these summary parts appear in different languages.
    • Is there a way to replace these headings with customized ones?
    • Or is there a way to force them in a certain language? (Preference: English)
    • Or is there a resource where I can find the current headings for any language? And finally
    • Do the parts of the summary (left-side-singles, r-s-s, ...) always appear in the same order? (So that I could just try to find the separating "--------")

    Your help is highly appreciated.

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    There is no way to override the language used in the reports; it is determined by the localization of the install you are using. The Summary report does have the sections in the same order (with the file count next to the name), which could be parsed. I cannot think of a hurdle you would run into, but if you do run into any trouble please let us know.
    Aaron P Scooter Software