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command line control of compare type

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  • command line control of compare type

    Sorry if I missed the answer in forum. I'm having trouble seeing how I can bring up the bcompare GUI via the command line but control what type of comparison is performed.

    BCompare.exe folder1 folder2 /qc=
    runs and exits.

    I want it the GUI to appear, run the type of comparison I want date/size or CRC or binary, and stay on screen

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    The /qc= command line switch is only supported for file comparisons. It isn't supported for folder comparisons.

    If you run "bcompare.exe folder1 folder2" as your command line, it should open the two folders in the Folder Compare. It isn't possible to specify comparison criteria for the Folder Compare from the command line.

    If you don't need to display the GUI, you can use a Beyond Compare script to compare folders and output the comparison results to a file. See the "Using Beyond Compare > Automating With Scripts" topic in BC3's help file for details.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Surprising. Sounds like a good candidate for an enhancement. Switching between size/date and binary is one of the most common things I do.


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        Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to our Customer Wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Could a batch file generate a script at run time that loaded a session and then replaced the left and right folders?

          If I could make and save a session with the right compare type and filters, ... and then change the 2 folders, ...


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            Not from the graphical interface. For that you would need a script that alters the BCSetting.xml files, changing the default session settings (BCSessions.xml), then loads BCompare.exe "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2".

            You could create a separate Portable Install to perform this, or alter your main install's settings (Help menu -> Support dialog, Explore settings folder to see where they are located, usually in your %AppData% directory).

            For Beyond Compare scripting, yes. Automated scripting can use two load commands in a row:
            load sessionName
            load "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2"
            expand all

            Would load the sesison, then the folders (applying the session settings).
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              ... You could create a separate Portable Install to perform this ...

              That actually works fine for what I need - the scripting seems to be only for generating reports,... I need ibcompare to start up and sit in the GUI.