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Folder entries in folder-report summary

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  • Folder entries in folder-report summary

    Hello all,

    to compare two folders, I currently use the following script:

    criteria binary
    load "C:\CompareTest\Copy1" "C:\CompareTest\Copy2"
    expand all
    filter "-.hg\;-.hg*;-_bin\;-_gen\;-_log\;"
    folder-report &
    	layout:summary &
    	options:display-mismatches,column-none &
    Now in the report, all different files are listed correctly. However, I would like to have entries in the report not only for the files, but also for the changed folders in the comparison.

    In the graphical BC3, they are shown in different colors to indicate whether differences were detected.
    In a side-by-side report, they at least appear in the list.

    For further processing, I need the path of any file and folder with differences.
    I tried some things with the SELECT command, but it did not seem to affect anything. (Files were reported even after SELECT all.all.folders - where I would expect them to be missing.)

    Is there any way to get the folders to show up in the report?

    Thank you for your help

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    Not in a Summary style report. You would need to use the Side-by-Side layout so see any folder information in the list. You can experiment with the different layouts and options in the graphical interface using the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Folder Compare Report. In this dialog, you can pick different layouts, columns, options, etc. Once you know the combination you would like to use, you can then generate a script that creates the same report.

    Everything else in your script looks ok, though you may want to make your filters line the first line. This way, during the load, the items are already filtered out and won't be compared which makes the load slightly faster.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      now knowing the restrictions to summary-style reports, I will write an external script to recursively add the folders.

      However, your might want to add this as feature request for future updates or versions of Beyond Compare.

      Thank you very much for your fast reply - seeing all your answers to the multiple questions in the forum, you make BC one of the best-supported pieces of software that I know.

      Best regards