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Folder Compare says identical files are different

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  • Folder Compare says identical files are different

    Ok, I am now annoyed enough to post about this :-).

    When I open a folder compare, expand all folders, select all and do a Compare Contents, many files are marked as different, but when double clicking, turns out they are the same....
    I have read the article about this very behaviour, suggesting that Session Settings can be used to change this behaviour, but I am unable to make it behave correctly. I have everything set to
    I am comparing source code and I don't care how long the comparison at the rules-based (or binary) level takes, it is going to be waaaaay quicker than double-clicking all those false positives.

    Is it possible to have BC4 behave in this way:
    Open Folder Comparison
    Compare every single file using the same method as if I double click on it
    Display the correct diff status

    - Lutz

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    The likely behavior is the Compare Contents command is running a Binary scan, and double clicking then (always) runs a Rules-based scan which replaces those original results. The center column between files will populate with an icon. If it is a red 0110 Not = icon, that is binary different. And a black = (no 0110) would be rules-based the same.

    If they are reporting as binary different, then the files are binary different. This could be some embedded binary/header data, or something else. The rules-based scan can also ignore specific differences by default (whitespace or the hex value of the Line Ending character) and still report as Same.

    The Compare Contents command, by default, pops up a dialog that lets you pick which scan to run. If it isn't showing, enable it in the Tools menu -> Options, File Operations, enable "Confirm content compare".
    Aaron P Scooter Software