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  • list similar folder names

    Is there a way to list folders with similar names?
    For example, I have a folder with 1000 or more sub-folders (music albums).
    I would like to list all contained subfolders that have a similar name, for example the same except for 1-5 characters.
    I would like to briefly compare the content and, if necessary, delete the folder.
    For example, can I see Folder1 in the left column and Folder2 (the similar folder name) in the right column?
    Can the similarity (how many characters may differ) be indicated?

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    BC4 Pro has a feature called Alignment Overrides, which can define a logical rule for how the folder name has shifted, but if there are random changes on both sides, the mask won't match. It could work if the change is easily defined, or only random on the left side (like the left has a prefix or postfix), as examples. If you have Std, you can revert to trial mode to test if it works for you before purchase is necessary:

    Otherwise, BC4 does have quick tools to help align things manually. You can select any two items with ctrl+clicking, then right-click and Align if they are in the same level of the folder structure. Or Right-click > Open in new View (new tab or window), which then aligns the items within them for comparison, assuming they have the same names/folder structure internally.
    Aaron P Scooter Software