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How to hide missing files

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  • How to hide missing files

    I have workspace with over 300000 files in it, managed by git. I have a script which uses git to figure out which files have changed between my workspace and an upstream repository. and then checkout the original versions into a new directory. I'd now like to merge my changes into another workspace. So I have my first workspace (300K files), second workspace (300K files), and a temporary original workspace directory (20 files). How do I do a folder merge such that BC ignores all the files that are not in the temporary original workspace?

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    Is one of these workspaces a common ancestor of the other two? It sounds a bit like Workspace 1 might be? If yes, then a Folder Merge session and Display Filters used to limit the view to only (Temporary Side) base folder changes.

    You list 3 sources, but BC4's Folder Compare only supports two base folders for comparison. You can load Temp vs. Workspace 1 or 2, and also use the Display Filters to show any left changes, or individually remove only Right Orphans by right-clicking the Display Filters area and switching to Toggles mode. You can then individually toggle on/off specific statuses, include everything but toggle off Right Orphans.
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