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Compare multiple folders with a non-symmetric folder structure in a single job?

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  • Compare multiple folders with a non-symmetric folder structure in a single job?

    Hallo to everyone!

    Can anybody tell me if the following is possible or, else, share their experience on possible workarounds?

    I would like to compare my android phone memory storage to my computer file system. For technical reasons, some folders are named differently on my smartphone or they are located in another subfolder. So, generally speaking, the folder structure on my phone side is different to my computer side but the files within these folders are same and to be compared.

    I do the same with an USB storage drive to backup my files. On my USB drive, however, I have chosen an identical folder structure, so I do a single "folder compare" job and I get all the differences at one glance.

    How to achieve this in case of my phone? Is it possible to compare my computer storage with my android storage with a single "folder compare" job and teach BeyondCompare which android folders correspond to which partner folders on my computer?

    I could, of course, set up like 40 different compare jobs and run each separately but maybe there is an easier solution? One click, let BC calculate and ready...

    If my explanations are difficult to follow, please, let me know and I will try to go further into detail or give examples.

    Thank you very much!


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    BC3 has 4 folder view modes, and the 4th mode in the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure removes all subfolder structure and places the files into a single large bucket. This assumes that all files in all subfolders on each side are uniquely named, as the name still needs to align first before the comparison. For example, if you have multiple ReadMe.txt files in different subfolders, they will be listed next to each other, but may not be aligned left to right as you expect and need manual alignment, as only the name is used for alignment and comparison is run on the aligned pairs.
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      BC3 means version 3? So I would need to install BC 3 additionally to BC4? Or does BC3 refer to something different?


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        You posted your question in the BC3 forum, which is probably why Aaron assumed you are using BC3. BC4 also supports ignoring the folder structure.


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          Thank you! I have found it. I chose the wrong forum by mistake.
          Good day to you all!