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comparing one folder with multiple folders

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  • comparing one folder with multiple folders

    Is it possible to compare one folder to multiple folders? I'm reorganizing tens of thousands of photos and have ended up with several aggregate folders that contain files from multiple folders from several sources. I'm also usin g a photo editing tool for organzing photos and although its great for editing photos organizing and managing photos is a weak point. Once I'm done moving photos around and organizing them with my photo software I absolutely have ot double-check everything. Sometimes that means comparing an aggregate folder to several "old" folders.

    Can this be done in BC? I'm using BC v3 but would upgrade for a feature like this.

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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't support comparing one folder to multiple folders. It is on the feature request list for a future version. The current version of Beyond Compare (4.3.7) can only compare two folders at a time.
    Chris K Scooter Software