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  • Resuming Folder Compare

    I was moving about 300GB of Data from one disk to another using Folder Compare (Beyond Compare version 3 on Win7) when the process was interrupted as I was forced to shut down my PC after unforeseen power failure.

    I have saved the session. I had to stop the process when a folder was moving. Now I want to continue from where I left off. How do I do it? The folder has important DATA on it and I don't want to lose it or get it corrupted.

    All help is appreciated.


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    If you reload the session, Beyond Compare can recompare the source and destination folders. This can then tell you which files are equal and already exist in both locations, and which files are different. This criteria could be timestamp and size, or you can perform a more detailed scan such as a binary content comparison.

    Any files that is a different pair you would want to investigate and determine if you want to copy one to the other side. Any Orphans (blue files) do not have a match on the other side and have either not been copied yet (or where deleted previously from one side but not the other yet).
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