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Entire directories are missing?

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  • Entire directories are missing?

    Running Windows 7, 64-bits. I have 2 directories on my desktop which are almost identical (except for a few files). Using Beyond Compare 2.5.3 I found that some sub-directories with identical names were not even listed (even though they were there in the 2 folders being compared).

    I upgraded to 3.3.3 and things got even worse, the same sub-directories are still missing

    I'm using the default installation for 3.3.3, is there an obvious setting I'm missing?

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    It might be a filter. If you turn on "View > Suppress Filters", do the folders show up?

    If the folders do display when you select "View > Suppress Filters", they might be system folders. Beyond Compare 3 defaults to filtering out system files and folders. To make them visible, select "Session > Session Settings". In the "Other Filters" tab, select "DOS Attributes". Uncheck "Exclude protected operating system files".
    Chris K Scooter Software