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Same paths in left and right panes

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  • Same paths in left and right panes

    Under BC2 it was possible to have in both the right and the left pane the same path (just under the bar with the icons), i.e. the same files and folders were displayed in both panes. Specific subfolders/files could then be selected for comparison on each pane, the question-mark icon "Compare content" worked fine.

    Under BC3 this doesn't seem to work, maybe I have the wrong settings. The question-mark icon always stays greyed out when the same paths are loaded into the right and left pane, and no comparisons can be made. Any suggestions?

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    BC3's Compare Content command functions a bit differently than BC2. It can work on a selection, but it always compares the items that are aligned with each other, like triggering the background comparison but only on the selected items, not one selection to another.

    The best method would be to select the two folders, then right click and Open In New View to open a new tab and compare the items within.
    Aaron P Scooter Software