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    I am struggling to find how when using the folder synch (Update Right) I can delete files from the left which have been copied to the right.

    IE my goal is this:

    Copy all files from left to right that are older than 502 days (This is not a problem)
    Once copied to right delete these files from the left

    Could you advise me as to the exact setting?


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    The Sync command would not delete the files after the copy. Sync Update and Sync Mirror are designed to synchronize two locations, which generally involves keeping the origin location intact.

    If you'd like to Copy then Delete (or Move), you can do so from the Folder Compare session.

    Set your Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters, Date Filter to show only the files you wish to move. Then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files to select your files. Then use Shift+Left/Right ArrowKey to select only one side. Now your selection should be only the files on one side that are 502 days old or older.

    Review the selection to see if it looks like the correct files were selected. This is important as the Copy/Move/Delete commands are NOT Undo-able actions.

    You can then Copy (then repeat to select and Delete), or Move to the other side.

    How does this work for you? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software