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    hello, been using beyond compare for a long time and mostly works great but ran into an issue today that i am not sure how to get around.

    I am comparing files from one Windows system to another. the files are the same name except the extension is .jpg compared to .JPG

    i have set to ignore case but it doesn't help.

    Folders are the same. i had one side Manuals and the other manuals and they didn't line up. is this just a bug.

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    Hello Barbara,

    Would it be possible to get more details on the two base folders? Normally, BC3 detects the type of system/folder you are comparing; if they are a case insensitive system (such as Windows), this would align. If this is over a network, I recommend a quick test of copying both base folders (or just a couple files) to the desktop of one machine. How does it align then?

    The "Compare file name case" option only marks files as different if they are aligned and have different case in the names. It does not control whether the files should align.

    Would it be possible to get an email at with a pair of Snapshots of these two folders? (Tools menu -> Save Snapshot). Please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Is one side of the comparison an FTP server? If so, unchecking "Filenames are case sensitive" in the General tab of "Tools > FTP Profiles" for the FTP server might help.
      Chris K Scooter Software