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Add Folder Compare as an option for "Quick Compare"

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  • Add Folder Compare as an option for "Quick Compare"

    Add Folder Compare as a pull down option for "Quick Compare"

    When you click on two files that compare the same in two different folders, Beyond Compare brings up the "Quick Compare" dialog box.
    It shows the files are (for example) "Binary same" and provides a pulldown selection box to Text Compare, Data compare, etc.

    In cleaning up duplicate files, I often find it useful to open the directories and perform a folder compare to see if there are other duplicate files in the same paths. To perform the folder compare one has to open two separate sessions of explorer and navigate to the parent folders and right click on each folder.

    To better facilitate this folder search I am requesting "Folder Compare" be added to the Quick Compare pull down list.
    The program would then open beyond compare for a folder view of the path associated with the two files when the "Open View" button is clicked.
    (Another implement option would be to have add a "Compare Folders" button on the Quick Compare dialog box.)

    Thanks in advance for you consideration.
    Also - Just want to take the time to thank you for all your hard work in developing such a great and useful product!

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    So you need a Compare Parent Folders option from the Quick Compare dialog? Thanks for the feedback. I can add this idea to our customer wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Or... if you see another way to change from "file compare" to "folder compare" mode once you are in the file compare mode view.


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        If you've already launched into a file view, use the Session menu -> Compare Parent Folders to launch the compare of the parent folder locations.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Yes... that what I was looking for (but apparently missed it in the menu).

          I withdraw my feature request... this meets my request.

          Thanks for your excellent product!