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Duplicate file name confuses comparison?

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  • Duplicate file name confuses comparison?


    I have been experiencing a problem files have the same name and I choose to flatten directories. I can re-create the problem below.

    I have two folders to compare, Folder 1 and Folder 2.
    In both folder I place a document called 'Doc A'
    I run a folder compare and everything is fine.
    I create a new folder within Folder 2 and call it Folder 3.
    Copy 'Doc A' from Folder 2 into Folder 3
    Edit 'Doc A' which is in Folder 2 so it changes in file size
    Run a folder compare between Folder 1 and Folder 2 again
    The file Folder 1\Doc A and Folder 2\Folder 3\Doc A are identical however they are shown as orphans.

    I know this sounds like Im onto a pointless thing here but its because I wish to compare two directories, one is on my PC and the other is on an external drive. The problem I have is that the external drive may contain multiple copies of the same file.

    At this current time I don't mind if there are duplicates, I just want to know that the files that are on my PC folder exists some place on my backup folder.

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    Beyond Compare 3, by default, first aligns files by folder structure and then runs comparisons on aligned files. Since your example starts with two files in the same relative position, those will be compared. If you then create new subfolders and copy files into those subfolders, the original files won't compare down there, since they are in a different location. You would need to update the base folders (so the positions are relatively equal: folder1 <> folder3).

    BC3 has 4 folder view modes, one of which will remove the folder structure and align files only by name. In this case, have duplicate file names can confuse the interface; they would need to have unique names on either side to properly align. Aligning by another criteria other than name (such as size, or CRC comparison) is on our Customer Wishlist, but is not currently supported.

    If you wanted to manually compare any two files in the interface, you can always select them, right click, and Quick Compare. The two files can even be on the same side.
    Aaron P Scooter Software