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  • No Folder Update?


    When I do folder compare within BC (= 2 different folders), and doing file operations within my file commander at the same time (= by switching manually forth and back, by Alt-Tab):

    1 ) I'd expect BC to monitor these changes, and thus to show less differences when I copied a file from folder a to folder b, and vice versa, more differences, when I deleted an identical file from folder a but not from folder b. These automatic capturing of changes within the compared folders is NOT done by BC at this time, or do I overlook this feature?

    2 ) I know there is a corresponding option within Tools - Options - File Views, but tweaking that option there does NOT affect the above-mentioned behavior with FOLDER comparing. Again, do I overlook something?

    3) Even when I set the mouse cursor within one of the two file path fields, then press Enter, and do the same within the corresponding path field for the second folder (= both within BC), it's only SOMETIMES that the BC screen changes and reflects the changes made beforehand within the file commander, whereas many other times, there is NO such change within BC, i.e. BC makes me believe there were NO changes in the file structure when in fact there are.

    4) Independently from the real weird behavior described in 3, why isn't there a button / shortkey / single command to make BC "re-read" the folders it's set to compare, considering 1 and 2 aren't working automatically (or are they?), and that setting the mouse into 2 path fields and pressing Enter two times is a lot to if it's always the same identical folders to be compared again and again. Or is there any single command doing this that I might have overlooked? If "Refresh Selection" is meant to do this, well, there is NO new folder compare then, reflecting changes I have made to both displayed folders.

    5) It's certainly fair to add that one or even both of the folders to be compared is / are on usb drives so that could be part of the problems. But anyway, that would only account for non-automatism it seems, not for not even fresh comparing after mouse click plus Enter. Yes, there IS a certain response time with my usb devices (= from 1 to 5 sec), but BC should possibly handle them, with a little delay of course. I want to say, problem is not that BC does not display the changes immediately, but (one of the) problem(s) is BC doesn't even display them minutes after they have occured, and not even after mouse clicks and "Enter", be it with additional delay (caused by the external disk) or without.

    Of course, I searched the help file for all of these, but to no avail.

    Thank you very much for your help.
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    For 1 and 2, the Folder Compare does not currently support monitoring for changes on the disk. Adding an automated/detection of changes is on our Wishlist. In the Session Settings -> Handling tab, we have an option to automatically refresh every X minutes.

    (Quick) Refresh and Full Refresh are both commands that, when performed manually, should meet your needs. Refresh is on the toolbar by default, and the hotkey is F5. Full Refresh can be added to the toolbar in the Tools menu -> Customize Commands or the hotkey is Ctrl+F5. Both are in the Edit menu of the Folder Compare. Refresh should detect any changes in your folders, while Full Refresh fully reloads the comparison from scratch.

    3. The Enter key on the path would trigger a refresh or load if you had made another change, such as changing the path, editing the filters text box, etc. It is not the intended method of triggering a refresh, but will do so if there is a change to commit. Hence, if there is not change to commit, no refresh will occur.

    4. This would be the Refresh/Full Refresh. Refresh Selection would also do this if the selection includes the item you want to refresh (such as a parent subfolder that includes new child items inside of it). If you aren't actually selecting an item, there is no Refresh (selecting blank space does not count as selecting an item).

    5. I am not sure I follow this point. This odd behavior may be occurring due to your USB device delays, or just because you are not familiar with the (Quick) Refresh command. Let us know if this is still an issue after testing points 1-4. I would also recommend testing 1-4 on two local test folders, and test the USB device after you are comfortable with how it works on a simple test case.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      Thank you very much for your kind help giving lots of valuable details, also on top of the Refresh / Total Refresh commands.

      - There is Actions - Refresh Selection, doesn't do anything

      - There is help file, I searched for "reload", "load", "folders", etc., etc., but not for "refresh"

      - There is Edit - Refresh / Full Refresh - I worked my way thru all of the menus, but simply didn't see it here since in my understanding, refreshing the VIEW isn't some EDITING command, and I always have had that quirk in my mind to simply-not-see-things if they are where they don't belong (does me a lot of harm in general...)

      - I wrote here after having tried, and tried again, and again...

      - Then I tried with my file commanders: FC: crap; XY: crap; X2: is said to do it, but flattens out your subdirectories (and it's thousands of them), so I didn't try further; TC: total crap since pretends to do it, seems to do it, but doesn't do it - or I don't understand it - anyway, it LOOKED as if all was ok when in fact it wasn't, so TC is dangerous for this task; Karen's Replicator: I'm not so fond any more of this thing, was biased knowing Karen's dead - in fact, seems to do "scheduled jobs" well (and is free), but for any task involving some graphical representation of state of things, before doing anything possibly harmful, KR's not your thing (will also try with SC and DO, but must first install them).

      - Then I did a lot of it manually, in FC, but was simple impossible. So I considered buying a dedicated sync tool; problem is, the good ones are about 60 dollars and more (SyncBack and ViceVersa, forget the cheap ones, let alone the free ones), so this needs some trialing.

      - There's national holidays today and up to Monday included in most of Europe, so I didn't think to have help before Tuesday, so I searched BC's menus again, and bingo, this time I found above-mentioned commands, and again, BC is OUTSTANDINGLY GOOD, shows me anything I need to know, multiple hierarchies of subdirectories included, and doing "Full Refresh" whenever needed is PERFECT WITH ME.

      - So I went back to the forum in order to delete my posting if possible, but only to see it had already been answered. So I cannot but say I'm sorry to have caused your "unnecessary" work, but then, it shows again (as so many times before, for me personally) that BC's menu structure isn't THAT evident for everyone! See it the other way round: Most of my problems with BC revert to GUI problems (Hence also a problem: whenever I don't use BC for some task for some weeks, I don't remember how it was done - no such problems with most other applications.), whereas BC's functionality is outstanding.

      - Again, BC's folder compare is much, much better than anything in FC, TC, XY, X2 (and probably SC and DO).

      - Will post again after some experience with KR since having all my shuffling around checked with BC now, it seems perfectly possible that, for the daily one-way job of backing up your stuff into your file backup system (= different from your less frequent system files backup, done by a sector backup tool), KR's the tool of choice (= without visual checking needed), so, using KR (free) and (e.g.) Paragon Backup & Recovery Free, BC users might indeed not need any dedicated sync tool.

      BC - Great tool, great service!


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        Certainly and thanks. And if Full Refresh works well for you, I'd recommend adding it as a toolbar button using the Folder Compare's Tools menu -> Customize Commands, Full Refresh, and check the "toolbar" option.
        Aaron P Scooter Software