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BC3 Corrupting Zip Archives

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  • Aaron
    Hello John,

    I'm very sorry you ran into an issue like this.

    I just saw and replied to your email as well. If you can follow the directions and answer the questions there, that would be great. As a quick summary, I'd like to try and get some sample files and a bit more information to try and reproduce this. In general, updating a zip does not cause a corruption issue on my system. I think it may be a combination of BC3 and the program used to make the zips initially, or the combination of the file you are updating into a zip.

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  • jwstevensii
    started a topic BC3 Corrupting Zip Archives

    BC3 Corrupting Zip Archives

    It looks like BC3 is corrupting zip archives when updating from a compare. I have done this with several archives now and every archive where I've updated a file has been corrupted! I've trusted BC over the years to think this wouldn't ever happen... my BIG mistake to not backup first!!! Very disappointed!