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Mounted WinPE volumes

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  • Mounted WinPE volumes

    Finally getting around to bringing this up. I don't spend every day tinkering with WinPE - hence the delay.

    First I mount two different WinPE volumes. Now I start to compare the contents of each mounted volume whose mount point is a folder.

    I note that the icon that represents each file contains the imbedded 'shortcut' arrow. Sometimes this happens on both sides, sometimes only on one side. The results appear to indicate many orphans on each side. Closer examination reveals the same files exist on both sides, they are just not lined up. I found that if I then do a quick refresh, the shortcut designation goes away and as the files are then lined up they are no longer displayed as orphans.

    Obviously something to do with the way the WAIK handles mounting the WinPE volume.

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    The icon with an arrow indicates a symbolic link. It might help to change BC's setting for handling symbolic links. Select "Session > Session Settings". In the Handling tab, check "Follow symbolic links".
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      That seems to help the alignment problem. One side still shows items as shortcuts, even though both sides are mount points. No big deal though, at least I no longer have to do the refresh after the initial analysis.