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Synchronizing same folders where one side was renamed.

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    Sorry, but we do not have an update for this at this time. BC3 does not currently support aligning by another criteria (to find the renames) or copying the file name across.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I bought the upgrade license at your recommendation that it would do what I was asking for.

      When I stated how it still didn't work you said it was on the Customer Wishlist and nonchalantly apologized. This was two years ago, now. Any updates on this feature?


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        Hi Dan,

        In my original post, I thought you were attempting to align the renamed folders and offered a method to try the feature for free to make sure it met your needs. Re-reading the correspondence, I'm sorry for the confusion or lack of follow-up: I assumed the Alignment Overrides met most of your needs and allowed you to sync your files between the renamed folders. Renaming the folders themselves would need to be a separate task (either trimming with our Rename action, or manually renaming them with a script). If you had accidentally purchased BC3 Pro and found the current feature set would actually be unusable for you, I would have asked sooner for you to contact us at support@scootersoftware and we could work out a refund. In general, this is why we try to offer as fully featured a trial as we can; no purchase is necessary to test any part or functionality of BC3.

        This forum thread has evolved into a couple separate requests: touching the file name of aligned items (without needing to copy the full folder/file), and auto-detecting folders or files that have been renamed and align them. Both of which are projects we have not been able to tackle yet.

        If you'd like to see what we have been up to, our Changelog for BC3 is here:
        And for BC4's Beta, it's here:
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks, Aaron, for the quick reply, as usual. I am considerably disappointed that I can line them up and merge the files, but not the folders. I just can't imagine it's that much more of a step for the program, at that point, to also rename the folders.

          That being said, I am otherwise extremely pleased with Beyond Compare. I use it very often and it is leaps and bounds above the other comparison programs I've used. I'm not sure I really ever use the Pro features, though.

          Can you please elaborate on what you meant by "(either trimming with our Rename action...)"?


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            Our "Rename" supports DOS Masks or Regular Expressions. If you were trying to trim off the customized name and leave just the date, you could define a Regular Expression where the old mask matches the whole name, then the new mask is just the first half of that old name (trimming off the customized name). I'm not certain which direction your sync is performed, but if you needed to Copy the customized name over, that wouldn't be this feature.

            The Pro feature you were using was the Alignment Overrides (assuming you still have different names). That's what allows the folders of different names to align to copy the files left and right. In the Std version, we would need to rename the folders to all have equal names manually, at which point because they are equal they'd just align without issue.

            You can see a full list of the Pro specific features here:
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              The reason I'm posting here is because this was the only thread I could find that dealt with the same issue I've been having. I've just ignored it over the years and let BC do it's thing instead of just renaming the folder myself. Problem is, as the years go on there are more and more folders with more and larger files, so not only isn't this practical anymore but it's extremely time consuming. I'm currently running BC4 Pro so I'm hoping either (a) it's now able to handle this issue but I'm doing something wrong, or (b) someone has since written a script to handle this issue and is willing to share it. Thanks


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                This varies a little bit depending on the nature of the renames.

                By default, any rename will be a difference that breaks alignment, and the items (folders or files) will be considered orphans.

                BC4 Pro's Alignment Override can define a rule (regular expression) to match and align files/folders that match the rule. This requires "knowing" the different text of the name, however. Such as file.txt = file-Renamed.txt. The rule can mask for "file", but not "-Renamed".

                We do not have the ability to scan and align by other criteria automatically. It's a very large project to tackle, but is something on our wishlist.
                Aaron P Scooter Software