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Ambiguous "copy" dialog

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  • Ambiguous "copy" dialog

    Hi, all -- enjoying the heck out of BC. Just wanted to pass along info about an unintentionally misleading dialog.

    In a folder comparison, if you right-click several files and select "copy files" (to the opposite side), the confirmation dialog shows the side you're copying FROM instead of copying to. The dialog title confuses things more by its title "Copy to Side" even though the "from" side radio button is active.

    Hope my description's not confusing -- check out the screenshot of copying files to the right.

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    The dialog's information is behaving as intended. The preview at the top is designed to show what you currently have selected, so you know what will be copied.

    Since Beyond Compare could potentially have both sides selected at once, and the user then click the copy command, we then need the user to pick the side/items they want to act on (copy). The preview shows the items that would be copied from, because those are the items that would end up in the destination after the task is completed.

    Does the dialog's behavior make more sense with this explanation? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Aaron -- I do understand the intent. Maybe lots of people would find the labeling enough, and it probably is if I used the program more often, but I was thinking that the dialog might be a little clearer if it said "From left" by the radio button instead of the neutral "Left side." Just a thought for consideration.

      Best wishes!