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  • Folder Compare Report Ignoring Folder Structure

    I have to compare two different model years of a project, and the new one has all the files moved around to different new folders in a huge folder tree. (As Doctor McCoy once said, "If I know engineers, they love to change things.")

    I can compare by ignoring folder structure, which works great. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to generate a report on this, as it reverts to folder structure and now considers the files relatively orphaned from each other.

    Is there a way to generate a report based on "what you see is what you get", ignoring folder structure? Ideally in the report it would paste in the full paths to the (wildly different) pathnames to the same filenames, so you can see where they originally come from, but I don't want to lose the matching.

    We need the changed lines vs. unchanged lines information for automation.

    File Compare Report -> Side by side, show differences, show line numbers

    This "undoes" the ignore folder structure and re-orphanizes the files of the same name with respect to each other.
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    BC3 scripting always loads the factory default settings. To override this, go to the graphical interface, load a new, blank session and set the view menu to Ignore Folder Structure. Save this new blank session with the name "IgnoreFolderStructure"

    Now in script you can load this session, and then load folder pairs into the session:
    load "IgnoreFolderStructure
    load "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2"
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    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software