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How to make left side equal to right side (folder)?

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  • How to make left side equal to right side (folder)?

    Assume I compare two folders which have currently differences?

    I want to make the left folder exactly the same as the right folder.

    As far as I found out the green "update left" icon in the toolbar copies only new and modified files from right to left.

    But in addition I want to let BC delete all files (and subfolders) on the left which do not exist an the right (any more).
    I miss the auto-delete component.

    How can I achieve this?


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    You can use our Sync Mirror command to perform this. Mirror logic will overwrite any files in the destination from the source (if they are newer, older, or different), will copy over any orphan files, and delete any orphans in the destination that are not in the source. At the end of the Mirror, the destination will be exactly equal to the source and the only files left alone are the equal files.

    You can execute a Mirror from the Actions menu -> Synchronize submenu. You can also add the command to the toolbar in the Folder Compare using the Tools menu -> Customize Commands dialog.

    How does this work for you? Please be sure you want to delete files in the direction your are Sync Mirror'ing to. Sync commands (Copies, Deletes, etc) are not Undo-able. You may want to test with already backed up data or test folders.
    Aaron P Scooter Software