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Problem Accessing Streaming Device

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  • Problem Accessing Streaming Device

    Shows up in Win 10 Explorer under "This PC", and Explorer can navigates the contents, but ...
    I can navigate to the folder, but BC4 cannot open it:

    BC is trying to use the following:

    mtp://LightningServer[Aries Mini]/FolderView/HDD

    I had no problem in W7, but I think the streamer was showing up in NETWORK, not where it is in W10.

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    The mtp:// part of the path indicates a connection using Media Transfer Protocol, which is used when a phone or media player is connected to your PC using a USB cable. If you want to connect to your device over the network, you'll need to unplug the USB connection and find a way to access it as a network device (\\server\share\folder or mapped network drive).
    Chris K Scooter Software