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Timeout compare folders (with folder on network computer)? Disable auto-compare?

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  • Timeout compare folders (with folder on network computer)? Disable auto-compare?

    Previously I compared a folder on the local computer with a folder on a remote computer in LAN.
    After that I closed BC and later shutdown remote computer.

    Now I re-started BC again and BC tries to automatically compare the two same folders - almost forever.

    How can I decrease the timeout period for such an auto-compare?

    If BC cannot access one or two folders it should stop trying it after 5 seconds.

    How can I disable auto-compare at all?


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    The timeout period is similar to accessing the drive from Windows Explorer. You can disable the auto compare in that specific session's Session Settings (editable on the Home screen, before opening the session) in the Handling tab. Or load a new, blank Folder Compare instead of a saved session pointing to the now-disconnected network device.

    On startup, BC4 should show the Home screen by default, which does not access the network drives. From here, you can load a saved session or auto-saved session, or launch a new, blank comparison. If BC4 is configured to load a specific workspace on startup, this could be loading a session pointing to the network device; I would recommend updating the workspace to point to a new session instead to avoid this issue, instead of disabling the comparison itself.
    Aaron P Scooter Software