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Bug in (binary) Folder Compare: Uncomparable files after bad sector replacement

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  • Aaron

    Would it be possible to get a full screen screenshot of the comparison view showing the problem files, and a copy of your from the Help menu -> Support; Export. Send both and a link back to this forum post to

    With this information so far, we have no known bugs or other reports with the binary compare scan and there have been no changes to this code for quite some time. It is extremely unlikely we have a bug in the base binary compare scan.

    For the stream read error, if either side has an issue, it will report the error. Archives can be treated as folders or files depending on how it is scanned, expanded, or your Handling settings. If any configuration is set to try and open the archive, I'd expect an error. The Handling tab can set to treat archives As Always Files, which may work around this. However, you could have other configurations in place (visible columns, etc), and given the appearance of bad sectors, there are possibly other factors that would cause errors when attempting to read the file.

    If any file pair reports as binary unequal, then the files are not equal. I would suggest verifying with other tools like you suggest, and generating md5 or crc hashes which you can visually compare.

    When I have encountered drives with bad sectors in the past, I consider the drive unreliable until I can run full diagnostics. Since there are so many causes of bad sectors (once I had an IDE controller chip that would periodically cause bad sectors as well as general instability/corruption of files), I'd strongly suspect hardware.

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  • Bug in (binary) Folder Compare: Uncomparable files after bad sector replacement

    I have two folders on different hard disks.
    They contained originally the same files (with same content and same timestamps).

    After a while the NTFS file system on one hard disk got slightly logically damaged So I had to run chkdsk with a command like

    chkdsk E: /F /V /R /X

    During the run a couple of repairs took place with a notification like

    Windows replaced bad clusters in file 4348
    of name \mov\tox\series\PARCHI~2.ZIPI.

    Afterwards I (binary) compared the two folders again with Beyond Compare and got an error:

    Successfully compared 7 items.Failed to compare 1 items. Completed in 2 minutes 12 seconds.
    Last error: Unable to compare Stream read error

    This strange: Why does BC report an error in reading the file?
    Yes, the two files are different after chkdsk bad cluster replacement but this should be reported and not a stream read error.

    Other file comparison tools like the built-in command "FC /B .... ....." work as expected and report a difference but not an error.

    Another strange thing is that the remaining 6 files report a difference (indicated as !!= in the middle column) although they are absolutely equal.
    I check this with other diff tools.

    Why is there an !!= unequal indicator?

    My current Compare Folders Session settings are as depicted in the attached snapshot.

    I guess there are some bugs in the compare folders procedure of BC.

    Could you fix this?

    Thank you

    Click image for larger version

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