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Feature Request: Show all files on left, any matching files on right

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  • Aaron

    It's primary home is in the Tools menu -> Options, Toolbars/Etc tab, select view: Folder Compare, where all of the Toolbar options are located. This is a bit of a dig, so the right-click on the button itself is the shortcut.

    Additional command line options are something on our wishlist, but correct: you cannot set the Display Filter on load. It is sticky, however, so if you launch a new blank Folder Compare session, set the display fitlers to Toggles and a specific pattern, then close that tab, any new Folder Compare or launched from the command line will use that combination. You can also save a Blank Folder Compare with specific Display Filters set, load this session by name, and then drag/drop folders into it.

    BC Scripting (documented in the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare -> Scripting, and Help file -> Scripting Reference chapter) commands support the select command, which can work with different combinations of selection criteria, similar to toggles mode logic. While testing, please work with test folders first, since BC4 does not support UNDO, and scripting does not preview before committing any actions.

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  • gsoft
    The toggles mode is exactly what I was looking for.
    Why is this not on the "Views" menu, right below all the "Show" options? (Some of us are never happy:-)

    The second part of what I need is a command line setting of this.
    It appears there is no option to specify these settings and folders at the same time.
    I'd suggest adding "/sessions=" and "/workspace=" , and allow command line override of the folders.

    I have not yet attempted a workaround using scripting.

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  • Aaron
    You can save the Session with specific Display Filter Toggles enabled, and you can load a session into the graphical interface from the command line with:
    bcompare.exe "session name"

    To activate Toggles mode, right click the Display Filters toolbar area (Show All, Show Differences, Show Same toolbar buttons) and switch to the Toggles mode.

    How does this work for you?

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  • RodolfoGiovanninetti
    In folder comparison You can choose to see Toggles, then You can choose to disable right orphans.
    I do not now how to get this from command line.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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  • Feature Request: Show all files on left, any matching files on right

    * I want to display:
    Left: All (filtered) files on left, including orphans.
    Right: any matching files (by name), but exclude orphans.

    Essentially: A left outer join

    I have a small local folder, with some new files.
    I want to compare to a large master set of files.

    I want to see all my local files.
    I only want to see master files that match local files, whether changed or not changed.

    * I also want to set this on the command line.