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Easy way to delete matching files in right-hand folders

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  • Easy way to delete matching files in right-hand folders

    I understand how to do a simple folder compare, then "Show Same", then select files in the right hand folder that are identical, etc.
    But here's the question: If I have two large drives that are mostly duplicates, but each drive has accumulated some files that are unique,
    how would I automate the process of comparing the entire folder hierarchy, and then highlighting/selecting duplicate files on one side for
    deletion? This becomes complex when some folders have unique files as well as duplicates. Selecting "Show Same" will display those
    folders in purple to signify the status (some dupes, some unique), so the folder can't just be selected for deletion.

    I have a feeling that BC must have a simpler way to do this, rather than having to open each purple-coded folder, and hand-selecting the
    black (matching) files within.


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    I believe you are looking for the Select All Files command (after an Expand All command to make the files visible, Select All Files will then select only files and not folders). The Delete dialog will then have checkboxes for Left or Right for you to carefully select or, before issuing a delete, use the Shift+Arrow Keys to slide the selection from One side -> to both sides -> to One side (or back), leaving you with only a selection of files on one side that match your display fitlers and expanded state.
    Aaron P Scooter Software