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Compare against two drives in same session?

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  • Compare against two drives in same session?

    I'm happily having BC compare a file folder from my desktop to a file file folder on a my laptop. That is saved as a session.

    I have second session set up where BC compares a different folder on my NAS to a different folder on my laptop.

    All three (laptop, desktop, and NAS) are within a LAN workgroup.

    Is it possible to combine these two sessions into a single session?

    For example, on my laptop, lets say there is a folder named cats and a folder named dogs.

    The cat folder is also on my desktop computer.
    The dog folder is also on my NAS.

    Running BC on my laptop, can I do a single session that will take care of both comparisons?


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    Not exactly. The Folder Compare only supports 2 base folders, to compare left and right.

    If one of your devices was a common ancestor (which the other two are decedent from), the Folder Merge supports merging 3 inputs into a 4th output (where the top center is the common ancestor pane). That does not sound like your scenario, but in case you found the session type this may help explain it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the quick reply, Aaron.

      The "dog" folder (the one on the NAS) is on the desktop computer as a "symbolic link" or "junction" or something like that (I followed instructions on the Internet -- didn't totally understand what I was doing but it worked!).

      So, c:\dog on the desktop computer is mapped to the NAS.
      c:\cat is actually on the desktop computer

      I think BC didn't want to follow to the NAS when comparing c:\ so that's why I split it into two sessions. Is there a way of handling this so the BC follows?


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        Yes, in the Folder Compare session's Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling tab, there is an option to enable "Follow Symbolic links". Does that then start treating them as you expect/need?

        This is a per session setting that is for only the current view, or you can update the Session Setting dropdown to "Also update session defaults" to apply for any future/new Folder Compare sessions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software