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Sync Folders vs. Filtered files (desktop.ini)

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  • Sync Folders vs. Filtered files (desktop.ini)

    The filter feature is quite nice in that those files (and folders) are not displayed. Nor are they synced (as expected). At the file level, this makes perfect sense. But when I remove a directory tree (e.g., left side) and I mirror to the right side, my expectation is that the directory tree on the right side will also be entirely removed (even if there are filtered files / folders within).

    My usual filter is for "desktop.ini". When I remove directories trees (left side), I am left with a tree of (almost) empty folders on the right (each with its own desktop.ini or thumbs.db). I do understand that since I have a filter applied, this is the "safe" (and arguably correct) thing to do.

    I think a good solution might be to provide a new checkbox on the sync confirmation dialog as follows:

    [ ] Include filtered files and folders

    This could be below the "[ ] Just Selection" checkbox. This would allow me to sync the filtered folders and files even though I chose not to see them in the folder compare.

    The reason? Desktop.ini and thumbs.db changes a lot and it distorts the reality of which folders have changed and which have not. When viewing the comparison, I want to visually see the real differences (not including desktop.ini). When I sync, I want the filtered files to update -- or be deleted in the case of mirroring.
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    Thank you for the suggestion. I will add this to our wish list.

    We might model this on the Delete dialog, it shows the check box "Include hidden items in operation" when there are items filtered out of a folder that is selected for deletion.
    Chris K Scooter Software