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Is there a way to compare file size approximately?

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  • Is there a way to compare file size approximately?

    I am using BC3 to sync music files between several of my computers. Music players regularly update the files with mp3 tags, which often results in a slight file size difference between different computers. On the other hand sometimes I refresh one of the old albums with a better bitrate, so I don't want to ignore file sizes completely.

    Is there a way to compare file sizes with some threshold, similar to what is implemented for timestamps?
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    No, but you can enable a Rules-based comparison of your MP3 files, which compares the Tags and Data separately. On the Home screen, you can expand the Edit session defaults folder, edit the default MP3 Compare, and uncheck all of the tags (but leave the bottom: Audio - Data, enabled). This would consider the tags as unimportant changes, but changes to the audio data (not one of those tags) as important.

    To enable a Rules-based compare in the Folder Compare, go to the Folder Compare, Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave the defaults enabled (Timestamp, Size, and Override Quick Test), then also enable the Content Compare: Rules-based.
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      The issue though is that I am comparing folders over VPN connection, so it is not really practucal for that use case. Thanks anyway - I will appreciate using it in different scenarios.