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Just show files whose content is different

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  • Just show files whose content is different

    I am comparing two folder trees and all the files have different time stamps. There is no visual indication between those that have actually different content and those that don't.

    Is there a way to force it to examine the contents as well and only flag those whose content is different?

    These are two massive source code trees that should be identical, but were sync'd at different times and thus have different time stamps.

    Dropdown, composit, and component don't offer this, and seem to only be concerned with file timestamp differences.

    If I double-click, it does file compare, but that's irritating with thousands of files.

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    We default to a timestamp/size comparison, but this can be configured to run a more detailed scan such as Rules-based (equivalent of Double-clicking each pair of files).

    Details can be found in this KB article:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      "Select all", then "Compare contents". This also lets you choose between different comparison types.


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        Thanks, that seems to work!