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  • Compare multiple folders at once

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a list of folders that i would like to compare. Right now i do them one by one. Is there a way i can do them all at once? I'm moving some users home folders from one network path to another and i'd like to just compare them all after the move. For example i have 100 users here:
    \\servername\home folder 1
    \\servername\home folder 2....this goes on up to home folder 100

    They are going here:
    \\newservername\home folder 1
    \\nerservername\home folder 2 ....all the way to home folder 100

    there are other home folders in the destination so i don't want to include those, just the 100 that i am moving. Can this be done? Thanks.

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    It isn't possible to set multiple base folders on each side. Instead, load parent folders (\\servername\ and \newservername\), then use name filters to restrict the comparison to the folders you want.

    To easily filter out a folder, right click on it and select "Exclude".

    You can also set filters in the "Name Filters" tab of "Session > Session Settings".
    Chris K Scooter Software