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Newbie query about Folder Syncing

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  • Newbie query about Folder Syncing

    Hi, I'm new here - hope this is the right place for this question.

    In a folder compare session I'm trying to clean up a bunch of duplicated folders and files by transferring just the latest and largest to a new folder.

    So in the left panel I'm showing multiple instances of say, a file named A000.voc, because it's duplicated in numerous backup folders, and backups of backups etc.

    There's also multiple B000, C000 and D000 files. These files and folders have all been transferred onto a laptop from an RCA dictaphone. Its storage structure consists of four folders, A,B,C and D.

    In the right panel of BC is a new empty folder.

    I'd like to end up with one copy of the latest and largest of each file in the right hand frame - the new empty folder. It won't matter if I end up with all of the A000, B000, C000 and D000 files mixed together.

    How should I filter this transfer process?
    Thanks :-)

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    BC3 does not have duplicate file detecting, but you could compare a pair of files, and keep the newest in the destination each time. So with BackupFolder1, you may have A000. Copy it into the Destination folder. Then compare BackupFolder2 with Destination. If BackupFolder2 has another A000 copy, you can compare it against the Destination version. It may be bigger/smaller, or larger/newer. You can view/compare them, and copy BackupFolder2's to the Destination if it is the newer and/or larger version you want. Repeat with BackupFolder3, etc.

    You can configure BC3 to show only different files, enable a Rules-based scan (to compare the text of the files), or show only the Newer-On-Left files, depending on how you want to sort through your data.
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      Thanks for responding. I've been thinking it over since I posted and pretty much came to the same conclusion - that the operation was beyond BC's scope.

      It actually turned out to be quite simple, using a duplicate file finder called Duplicate File Detector 5.0. This handy app not only finds dupes, it deletes them, too.

      No, I don't work for their company :-), I'm just an IT guy who likes software that's easy to use and does what it's supposed to do.

      So Beyond Compare is my first and only choice for comparison tasks.