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Network forlder compare - Files not accessible

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  • Network forlder compare - Files not accessible

    Hello everyone,

    I came along a strange behaviour of BC3 lately, when doing a folder compare: I installed a new Microsoft Home Server and I am copying the data from the old to the new server. Before I delete the data on the old server I do a final check with BC3, if everything is fine. This is just a simple file size/time stamp check.

    There is now just one shared folder, where I cannot get BC3 to compare the files properly: Somehow the left side does not seem to be accessible. (Or what else does the funny icon in front of the files on the left side mean?) In opposite to this, the right side is always accessible. BC3 now shows identical files in different lines: See attached image. I can fully access this folder in Windows using the same UNC path name.

    What makes it even more strange: The subdirectories 'Filme' and 'TwonkyMedia' are fully accessible by BC3!

    I am using BC3 Version 3.3.3. OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

    If anybody has an idea, please, let me know.

    Best regards,


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    Hallo LittleAlf,

    the funny icons on the left side do not mean any error.
    The meaning is explained in the BC helpfile (F1): In the German edition open the page "Beyond Compare verwenden" ==> "Ordnervergleich" ==> "Die Anzeige verstehen". There scroll down to the end of the page:

    Die Ordnersymbole enthalten ein kleines Pfeilzeichen, wenn es sich um einen Abzweigungspunkt oder eine symbolische Verknüpfung handelt. Die Ordnersymbole enthalten ein kleines rotes "X"-Zeichen, wenn ein Fehler beim Öffnen des Ordners auftrat.

    Hope this helps



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      Dear Christoph,

      thanks for your comment.

      You are right: The little arrows mean symbolic links. But they are there for folders normally. In my case, as can be seen in the picture attached, we are talking about files.

      In any case: The folder in question does not contain any symbolic links, but real files. And this is not picked up and shown properly by BC3. I must admit, this makes me worry about the reliability of BC3.

      Best regards,



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        Is there any overlay present when viewing the files through Windows Explorer? Or any link properties if you right click and view the properties of a file (such as 1997.avi)?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron,

          thanks for your reply. No, there is neither an overlay, nor do the properties show a link being present. Attached is the view of the Windows Explorer on this directory, and a typical properties window.

          Best regards,



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            By default BC3 doesn't follow symbolic links. To make it follow the links, select "Session > Session Settings". In the "Handling" tab, check "Follow symbolic links".
            Chris K Scooter Software