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  • Feature Request - Search file contents

    I find folder compare very useful for comparing different versions of source code where I am unsure what has changed. The ability to quickly enter text compare of specific files makes this very convenient. However, as I examine changes, I occasionally have trouble finding where a variable or function was declared or modified. Being able to search file contents instead of just file names would allow me to find what I'm looking for without having to open another program (Notepad++) just to do a search of the contents of the directory.

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    In a Folder Compare session, open the Session Settings dialog and on the Other Filters tab you can set a text content filter to limit the display to just matching files. When done, you need to remove the text filter.

    Or, instead of using another text editor, you can use BC's built-in editor: Select Tools | Edit Text File to open an empty editor pane and then pick Search | Find in Files.

    It is in our plans to make a more convenient "Find in Files" within Folder Compare.
    Tim T Scooter Software