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"Refresh Selection" does not pick up new folder on other side

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  • "Refresh Selection" does not pick up new folder on other side

    Just a slight deviation from intuitive behaviour ;

    Performing the "refresh selection" action on a folder which was an orphan, but now has a sibling in the other tree, does not pick up the folder on the other side.

    Performing the action on the parent folder rectifies this, but the behaviour above ran counter to expectation for me.

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    Refresh Selection only works on the current selection. If you select only one side, then only that one side will have updated/refreshed selection. You can use the Shift+Arrow Keys to move the selection from one side to Both sides to the other side, or you can use Quick Refresh (F5) to refresh everything without reloading everything (which, is a Full Refresh, Ctrl+F5).

    To detect a new orphan, you would need to refresh the parent. Selecting the blank space cannot work due to Alignment Overrides potentially placing other files in that location.
    Aaron P Scooter Software