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  • Synchronizing folders and files

    I have two machines each with their own copy of the same source code enlistment. When comparing the directories between these two machines I find many files that are binary equivalent, but have different timestamps and thus Beyond Compare 3 initially does not recognize these files as being identical. Without actually copying files from one machine to another is it possible to synchronize just the file timestamps and/or other attributes?

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    Yes. If you are certain the files are the same (by running a Binary scan first), you can then show all equal files (using a display filter), select them using the Edit menu -> Select All Files. Then use the Shift+Arrow Keys to select the side you want to update the timestamp on, right-click and select Touch.

    The Touch command can then set the timestamps of the selection, and one of the options is to copy the timestamp from the other side.

    The 'other attributes' would probably need to be set manually. Are you referring to the DOS Attributes (right-click, Attributes command)?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That touch feature sounds like what I am looking for. Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to access that feature.

      As for "other attributes" I was mostly interested in file created and accessed times, but I would like to know about DOS attributes such as Read-Only, Archive, System, Hidden, etc.


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        BC3 does not currently support Touching more than the Last Modified Timestamp.

        The other DOS Attributes (Read-only, Archive, System, Hidden) can be altered with the Attributes dialog, but this would just 'set' them. We do not have a command that supports 'touching' them from the other side.
        Aaron P Scooter Software