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    I am comparing two folders and the filename is numbered and alphanumeric. I only want to compare the alphanumeric.

    Filename1: S~586~createLead_3.0.cache
    Filename2: S~590~createLead_3.0.cache

    The two filenames are the same, just uploaded at different times. How can I compare "createLead_3.0.cache" names?


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    Is the number consistent between both sides? You could use our BC3 Pro feature, Alignment Overrides (in the Folder Compare Session menu -> Session Settings -> Misc tab) to create a rule such as
    S~586~* = S~590~*

    If you are already registered for Std edition, you can switch back to trial mode by following this guide:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply Aron! So I don't know the number that is assigned to the file. Is there some way that I can compare somethign like this: S~*~createLead_3.0.cache?

      Where it compares everythign except for the number between the two ~

      I have the trial set again and have access to that Alignment Override option. I'm waiting for the purchase order to go through so I can have my own licensed copy.




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        I thought I posted a reply but I do not see it...

        The number might be different in the S~586~. Is there a way to compare everything after the second ~?

        I really want to ignore S~XXX~ and only compare files like this:


        I have attached a screen shot of what my compare looks like.


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          Unfortunately, a constantly shifting number is much harder to align. Our file mask can match on matching test, but not on shifting/different text. You would need to define the different text explicitly. If it were missing from one side entirely, there is one workaround, but having different text on both sides must be defined in the current version of BC3.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Originally posted by ryanjohnson00 View Post
            I really want to ignore S~XXX~
            I don't know how important it is to retain the numeric prefixes. If it is important, back up your files (i.e. make a copy of them) first. Select all the files on one side (or both if you prefer) then right-click and rename them like this:


            or remove the numeric prefix altogether by renaming like this:


            If you only rename the numeric prefix on the right side of the compare, then you will be able to use alignment overrides to match the files on the left side with the renamed files on the right side.

            If you rename or remove the numeric prefix on both sides, then there will be no need to use alignment overrides because the unique text that prevents an automatic alignment of the files will will no longer be there.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761