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  • Regular expression help - ignore suffix

    Hi everyone:

    I've been using BC3 for about a month to compare roughly 500,000 images. This software is amazing!

    I've hit upon a comparison I'm trying to figure out, that will require using some regular expressions, but I'm not terribly good at hitting on the right one yet. Hopefully some kind soul will be able to guide me in the right direction

    I have a directory containing a bunch of potential duplicates with the suffix "_1" or " (2)". (I've moved the problem children into their own directory for comparison):

    1928_36.16.5.tif=1928_36.16.5 (2).tif
    1935_025 .tif=1935_025 _1.tif (yeah, some of them have spaces in the filename)

    Any ideas as to how I should set up the expression to ignore the suffix and just compare the string prior to it?

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    Do you have BC3 Pro? If so, you can use our Pro feature Alignment Overrides to create a rule, such as:
    *.tif = *_1.tif
    Which would then align your files as you expect. Please note that the alignment is direcitonal, so you need to pick Left = Right or Right = Left correctly.

    The Alignment Overrides can be declared in the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab. If you currently have Std edition registered, you can trial Pro again by following these instructions:
    Aaron P Scooter Software