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  • View new files from today "bug"


    Installed version is 3.2.4 build 13298.

    When using the filter to exclude files older than 0 days (= today) the full folder structure of the selected main folder of the session is visable.
    All without files in them.
    I expected to only see the folders with files in them of today.

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    Is your View mode currently set to Compare Files and Folder Structure, or Always Show Folders? You will need to change this in the View menu -> Only Compare Files.

    With this set, any "empty" folders, whether naturally empty or because filters have removed all their items, should be removed from the view.
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    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      It's set to Compare Files and Folder Structure.


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        You'll need to change it in the View menu to "Only Compare Files."

        In the Only Compare Files mode, empty folders are removed from view. These are folders that are either empty due to having no files, or folders that are empty because filters (files that are not today) were removed.

        How does Only Compare Files work for you?

        You can use the Suppress Filters toggle on the toolbar to peek at the hidden content (shown in a teal color).
        Aaron P Scooter Software