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  • Request: Automatic full refresh

    Sorry but I don't have the exact details to explain the original problem, but it was basically that I usually compare two folders, one local and one in other computer on the LAN, then one of those folders (it might be the remote one, I'm not sure) has been changed.

    The problem is that performing a normal Refresh doesn't work, it keeps showing the same files. In order to show the new files a Full Refresh must be performed.

    I can understand that if you have implemented two commands that might be due because the full refresh is slower, but my suggestion is:
    If user presses F5, you do the refresh and nothing has changed, then the user presses again F5 and F5 in a few seconds, then it might be a clue that the user is expecting to see some changes, so you might trigger a full refresh in that situation.

    F5-> No changes detected; User presses F5 (or the button, I don't care) in a few seconds -> switch and now perform a full refresh.

    Thank you for this incredible useful piece of software.

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    If I could wish, I'd like to have a Session Settings > Handling option for Automatic refresh:

    () Refresh Selection () Refresh (open folders) () Full Refresh

    I'm not sure if one of these three commands exactly fits to Automatic refresh (@scooter?)

    Greetings Lutz


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      Thanks for the feedback. I'll add this to our Customer Wishlist. What helped you discover the Full Refresh command after you found Quick Refresh wasn't working for you?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks, Lutz. Customizing the auto-refresh behavior has been on our wishlist for awhile, and I'll add your suggestions/notes to the entry.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I think that I did saw the Full refresh command previously one of those days trying to look at all the features provided, and then I wondered why there are two Refresh commands.

          So the second or third day that I had this problem I remembered that and went hunting for that Full Refresh command to test if it could fix my problem and yes, it worked. So I've used that a few other times and finally I remembered to write this suggestion.

          Thanks for listening.