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help with an alignment override pattern

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  • help with an alignment override pattern

    What's the correct alignment override pattern to specify when I'm trying to align the following filenames:

    DSC_0377.nef with 2011-07-11_DSC_0377.nef
    DSC_101.nef with 2010-05-01_DSC_101.nef.

    (In other words, when the second file name has the date pre-pended to the filename of the first file.)

    Thanks for any suggestions!


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    You'll need to do a Swap Sides command first to get the longer name on the left.
    Then, with the longer, Date name is on the Left:
    as a Regular Expression.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      perfect! Is there any way to save a complex alignment override like that for future use?


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        Yes. The alignment overrides are part of the session settings. Saving the Session saves it like a bookmark, storing any currently set information: Session Settings, toolbar buttons, and loaded folders.

        You can save a session with just specific settings saved, such as specific alignment overrides but no loaded folders. You can then load this session first, and then pick folders. To save a session, go to the Session menu -> Save Session As.

        Or you can set the defaults for all future Folder Compare sessions, if you want to apply it to any future folder compare. For this, go to the Home Screen, and in the Saved Sessions list, expand the Edit session defaults folder, select the Folder Compare, and create the alignment here. Or when in a Folder Compare, go to the Session Settings dialog, and in the lower left corner, switch the dropdown from "Use for this view only" to "Also update session defaults."
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          That was a terrific explanation! I strongly suggest adding your entire last comment to the folder_compare_misc page!

          I assume you suggested earlier to put the longer name on the left side because BC will parse the left-side file name first. If that's true, I would also mention that on the help page.

          Also, since the alignment rules do not flip sides when change sides in the folder compare window, I suggest adding a "swap" button on the alignment rules edit window. This would probably never be used for regular expressions, but it would make it convenient to change the sides for non-regex rules when needed.