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Folders but some files not copied to right

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  • Folders but some files not copied to right


    I am reasonably new to Beyond Compare but have had to get a crash course in order to duplicate data across two USB ext hdds in a hurry.

    First, I got BC to "copy to right" as much as it could - I noticed that it failed after a few hours but had managed to copy the entire folder structure and at least two files in each folder across to the 2nd ext hdd. (It was a big job and one my memory-limited PC wasn't entirely up to completing without some help.)

    I then began the lengthy process of manually doing the rest of the "copy to right". Unfortunately, if I selected a group of folders to copy across in one go, if the folders themselves were hidden, then some of the files simply didn't copy across. As a result, I had to go through every single folder in the hierarchy to ensure that the files had all been copied across.

    Is there some setting I've missed that should do this regardless? I did find something to do with hidden folders which I checked, but that didn't seem to make any difference.

    Would very much appreciate any advice.



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    By default, if an item is hidden from view (from Display Filters, File Name Filters, or other filters or configurations set to hide them), then the Copy Command does not copy those files. However, the BC3 Copy dialog should detect and present the option to "Include hidden items in operation" and have an 'peek' button to the right to let you see a list of those hidden items. If you see this option, it means BC3 has been configured to hide some files.

    The only files we hide by default are protected operating system files. You can show these by going to the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings dialog, Other Filters tab, select DOS Attributes, and then uncheck the option "Exclude protected operating system files."

    Does this help explain the behavior you are seeing? Or are other files hidden? Do you have any other filters currently set?
    Aaron P Scooter Software