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Align Override for subfolders.

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  • Align Override for subfolders.

    I'm wondering if there is a way in BC3 to align folders on the left with subfolders of the base on the left.

    For example:

    I have a bunch of folders on the left:

    And I want them to sync with subfolders on the left:
    \jshmoe\My Documents\
    \prabbit\My Documents\
    \jsmith\My Documents\

    Is there a way to do this?

    I've just been aligning the name folders then selecting the left folder and the My Documents on each right folder and "Set as base folders" syncing and going back to the root. I would like to avoid doing this for the hundreds of folders I have to process.

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    Unfortunately, Alignment Overrides does not support aligning to different folder levels. It is on our Customer Wishlist to add such a feature, but the only alternative at this time is to set multiple base folder pairs.

    If all of your files in all of your subfolders are uniquely named, you could use the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure option. This option will remove the folder structure and align all files based only on file name. However, if two different users have the same file name, it may not align as you expect and would not be as useful a solution.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Has there been any change in this customer wishlist item? I have a similar need for
      left side = SomeDirName\code\src\SomeDirName
      right side = SomeDirName\code\src\core\SomeDirName

      I am using Beyond Compare 3 version 3.3.5


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        No, the Alignment Override does not support pushing to a different folder level in BC4. It's still an item on our wishlist. You can Ignore Folder Structure, or you can change your base folders so the relative level sets SomeDirName on an equal level.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          We're also after this feature (BC4). I've tried every way I can think of of configuring BC but it just won't do it - it would be really useful if we could just configure it as a Folder Compare\Misc\Alignment override (using dokken's example):
          Left: <-- left empty or use "."
          Right: core
          Left: src
          Right: src\core

          We can't use IgnoreFolder structure because each folder on the left and right has a file of the same name and BC4 appears to then pair up files from different folders in random order.

          If under Ignore Folder Structure it could be made to pair them up in an order sorted alphabetically by path then it would actually work out well in our case.

          (BC4.2.2 build 22384 registered)


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            If Ignore Folder Structure does not work,then you would have to break the comparison into multiple sub-comparisons (where the base folders are each pair of subfolders instead, over several new tabs/Folder Compares). This item is still on our wishlist, but we already have several large projects scheduled and it is not likely we'll be able to tackle this one soon.
            Aaron P Scooter Software