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what is the "Auto Sync" button?

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  • what is the "Auto Sync" button?

    I set up a folder sync in the GUI and ran it. Then I saw an "Auto Sync" button and clicked it thinking it would prompt me for info. Now it is grayed out...

    I cannot find any references in the help to this button. All post about folder sync seem to indicate automated sync is not available and must be done with scripts.

    What happened when I pressed that button...

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    No worries about pressing that button. The Sync action can only occur once the comparison is complete. Sometimes this comparison can take hours if you have a large folder pair. While the comparison is still running, the button is shown as "Auto-Sync", which will initiate the sync as soon as the compare is done, just that one time.

    Once the compare is done, the button changes to be a Sync Now button.

    It isn't a setting, but a way to queue the sync instead of waiting for the compare to finish.
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      Thanks for the fast response